Code of Conduct

We ask that you recognize that the campus as a whole dines together as a community, and in that spirit, please understand and commit to the University Code of Ethics and behavior that is civil, positive and responsible.

  • Please refrain from disruptive behavior, as well as inappropriate language.
  • Damaging or defacing furniture or equipment is unacceptable.
  • Food is not to be thrown in ANY circumstance.
  • All plates, cups and flatware are to be taken to the “Return Window” for proper disposal.
  • Radios, CD Players, Skate Boards, Scooters, Bicycles, Roller Blades and any related items are NOT PERMITTED in the Dining Units. We suggest you leave them in a more secure area.
  • Containers (food containers or cups) may not be brought into the Dining Units. Only cups etc., which are provided by Dining Services for the purpose of a “Take-Out Meal” or “Refill Program” are permitted. Take-out policies vary between units.
  • Theft will be reported to University Police and handled in accordance with campus policy.
  • Shirts and Shoes are required.
  • At the request of any University representative, you are required to surrender your CobyCard.
  • CobyCards found in the possession of others will be CONFISCATED in all circumstances. CobyCards are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • Any expense associated with the misuse of the Meal Plan/CobyCard/ or Facilities will be the responsibility of the offender.
  • To ensure everyone has the option of enjoying their meal in our dining rooms, we ask your cooperation in observing the above guidelines. Dining Services reserves the right to refuse admission to our dining facilities in the event these guidelines are not followed.