Food Certification


All food-handling employees at SUNY Cobleskill Auxiliary Services are required to to be certified in the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Food Handler Program. We take pride in our service and quality, so we take every precaution to ensure that we are serving you quality and safe products. From our receivers to our managers, we require anyone in the food-handling process to be certified. ServSafe® is a five year certification, and all employees are required to re-certify prior to the expiration of their certificate. This ensures that our employees are continuously updated on changes to food-handling standards and provides a fresh reminder to those already certified. We even have an instructor on site!



Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TIPS®) is an educational training course teaching servers and managers responsible service, sale, and the consumption of alcohol. SUNY Cobleskill Auxiliary Services requires all servers to be certified in TIPS® in order to serve any alcohol in our facilities. While we do not offer or serve alcoholic beverages in our dining facilities, Coby’s Café has a full liquor license, and we do offer alcoholic beverages at certain catering events. TIPS® allows us to ensure that our staff can provide responsible service to our guests. We have a TIPS® instructor on site as well.


Allergen Training

All CAS Production Staff holds an Allertrain Certification. Certification ensures staff’s knowledge, training & confidence required to safely prepare and offer gluten-free and allergy friendly offerings for the campus community.