Lemon Grass Café (Allergen Area)

Times may change, names may change, and location did change, but not our menu! Same delicious food, catering to our allergen students, but everyone is always welcome. These food selections do NOT contain peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, gluten, and sesame seeds/oil. Milk and soy products will be labeled.

Lemon Grass Café is dining concept welcoming in the new age of the ever-growing prevalence of dietary restrictions resulting from allergies and intolerances. With a large insurgence of individuals requiring specific needs, Champlin Hall is introducing this concept to not only provide these students and staff with dining options, but to provide them with well-balanced variety as well. Lemon Grass Café also symbolizes a new generation of campus dining that welcomes students and staff that may have otherwise felt their concerns were not being addressed. The ultimate goal of Lemon Grass Café is to provide safe, delicious, and nutritious dining options for those that need or want worry-free variety.

Lemon Grass Café is open during the regular Champlin Hall hours. Please stop in and see us if you have questions on how we can help with any of your allergen dietary requirements.