Faculty/Staff Meal Plan


Faculty and staff may purchase a block of ten meals for $60. These meal swipes are available with your CobyCard in any campus dining facility between 7am and 2pm. Meals do not expire and roll over each semester. If you have any special food requirements or food allergies, please contact Audrey Rapant, Assistant Director of Dining Services at 518-255-5883.

*Online payments will be effective within 24 hours. If you need immediate access to funds/meals please go to the CobyCard office during their regular hours (Monday – Friday 8am-4:15pm) Room 112, Knapp Hall.

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Meal plan information, policies and conditions are found in the description box on this page, below.

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Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Contract Terms

10 Breakfast/Lunch Board Meals Available Monday-Friday from 7am – 2pm at any on-campus dining facility // $60.00 (Includes Tax)

SUNY Cobleskill Auxiliary Services, Inc. offers a Faculty/Staff meal plan option. The Faculty/Staff Meal Plan will put 10 breakfast/lunch meals on your CobyCard for $60.00. The CobyCard activates the meal plan for use at any on-campus dining facility from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. Board Meals will roll from week to week. Please stop by the CobyCard Office in Knapp or any cashier for a copy of the Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Contract, or see the full Terms and Conditions online. If you have any special food requirements or food allergies, please contact Dining Services at 518-255-5202.

You can add additional funds separately at any time for use in The College Store, vending machines, any CAS dining facility, and several off-campus merchants. Funds will roll over to the next semester. Funds may be added online at https://cobycard.campuscardcenter.com or by going to the CobyCard Office with a valid form of payment.

Your CobyCard is your official SUNY Cobleskill Picture I.D. that is needed for the meal plan and to access your debit account. Faculty/Staff are issued one card for their entire career at SUNY Cobleskill. Contact the CobyCard Office or any CAS cashier to report a lost or stolen card. CAS is not liable for funds lost due to theft or misuse of your CobyCard. Your CobyCard is non-transferable.