Amy M. Wilson

Title: Adjunct Instructor
Department: Liberal Studies
Office Location: Frisbie 300
Office Phone: (518) 255-5777
Office Hours:  By appointment.

Areas of Expertise:

Courses Taught
World Civilization I

About Amy

Amy M. Wilson is an adjunct professor of History at SUNY Cobleskill, and has worked as an archaeologist in America and Egypt. After double-majoring in Archaeological Studies and Anthropology at SUNY Potsdam, she received her first MA (in Mediterranean Archaeology) from the University of Bristol (UK) and her second MA (in Egyptology) from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. She is a senior supervisor of the Kom Ahmer & Kom Wasit Archaeological Project and a member of the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition. She also works on several other archaeological surveys within the northeastern United States.

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