Campbell, David G. - American Regional Cuisine, Garde Manger, Molecular Gastronomy, BBQ, Beer and Wine

Carey, Sheila Rae - Graphic Design

Cash, R. Christian - Nursery Production, Greenhouse Production, Landscape Management, Plant Propagation, Arboriculture, Landscape and Forest Plants, Public Gardens, Pest & Disease Issues of Plants

Christain, Leigh Ann - Creative Writing, Poetry, Postmodern Literature, Beat Literature, The Novels of Kurt Vonnegut, Composition, ESOL, The Beatles

Collins, Melissa - Industrial Organizational Psychology

Colony, Pamela C. - Histotechnology

Corbett, Amy B. – Self-presentation, Justice, Aggression, Depression, College level assessment, Program development and assessment

Cosgrove, Allen H. - visual arts, graphic design, web design, web animation

Crosby, George - Irrigation, Hydroponics, Greenhouse Management, Vegetable Production, Developmental Agriculture, Botany