Christopher J. Anderson

christopher-andersonTitle: Assistant Professor
Department: Early Childhood and Psychology
Office Location: Warner 204
Office Phone: 518-255-5245

Additional Title: Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise: Judgment and Decision Making, Emotion

Courses Taught:
General Psychology, Research Methods, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Intro to Community Psychology

About Me:

Dr. Christopher Anderson is an assistant professor in the Applied Psychology program at SUNY Cobleskill. He currently instructs challenging and inspiring courses in General, Social, and Community Psychology, along with Research Methods. In the spring of 2014, he will introduce Experience Based learning (XB) new variation on the Organizational Psychology course in which all course participants take an active role in creating and running the classroom as a learning organization. In all courses, students are engaged with relevant and personal instruction, prompt and frequent feedback, and multistage projects that enable revision, learning, and a meaningful contribution to students’ research and writing portfolios.

Dr. Anderson is an internationally recognized scholar in applied decision making and decision avoidance, including physiological, emotional, cognitive and cultural aspects of judgments and decisions. This work led him to an additional interest and practice in mindfulness, consciousness and mortality salience. His most cited paper is a Psychological Bulletin literature review and theory regarding the “Psychology of Doing Nothing” (decision avoidance), which continues to be influential. His dissertation on sources of judgment error was awarded the Brunswik-Hammond New Investigator award from the Brunswik Society in 2002. Dr. Anderson participated in invitation-only international workshops at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, and the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Anderson’s service to the community includes work with the US Department of Defense to improve the accuracy and effect of foreign policy decisions, consulting with Occupy Wall Street groups to explore their decision making process and improve communication, and work with the Center for Open Science to promote reproducibility in psychological science.

Passionate about the psychosocial benefits of travel and intercultural exchange, he has lived and conducted research in the Netherlands as well as in multiple locations across the US.

Dr. Anderson is currently pursuing advanced education in physiology and related disciplines neighboring psychology in pursuit of a solid foundational paradigm for a natural science of psychology. He enjoys hiking, performing and listening to all kinds of music, photography, and personal fitness.

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