John R. Tryon

Plant and Animal Science
Office Location: Alumni B-12
Office Phone: 518-255-5330

Areas of Expertise: Dairy Cattle Management; Dairy Cattle Selection, Judging and Showing; Agricultural and Occupational Education; Curriculum Evaluation

Courses Taught:
ANSC 111 Introduction to Animal Science, ANSC 112 Dairy Science Techniques, ANSC 115 Animal Science Techniques 1, ANSC 119 Introduction Livestock Judging, ANSC 132 Selection and Showing of Dairy Cattle, ANSC 134 Advanced Dairy Cattle Judging, ANSC 140 Small Animal Management, ANSC 150 Introduction to Dairy Cattle Management, ANSC 155 Dairy Record Management, ANSC 201 Dairy Practicum 1, ANSC 202 Dairy Practicum 2, ANSC 212 Dairy Cattle Management, ANSC 213 Advanced Dairy Science Techniques, ANSC 215 Animal Science Techniques 2, ANSC 234 Dairy Cattle Judging Practicum, ANSC 241 Dairy Cattle Breeding, ANSC 270 Animal Science Field Studies, ANSC 315 Biology of Lactation, ANSC 370 Advanced Animal Science Field Studies, ANSC 372 Advanced Reproduction, ANSC 380 Internship Orientation in Animal Science, ANSC 412 Dairy Herd Management Seminar
ANSC 450 Internship in Animal Science, BIOL 104 Animal Physiology (labs only), BIOL 105 Principles of Genetics (labs only), AGBU 111 Meat Products (labs only), AGBU 241 Farm Management, AGBU 380 Internship Orientation in Agricultural Business
AGBU 420 Agricultural Policy

About John: Teach courses in the Department of Animal Science with emphasis in dairy production and management. Considered the lead professor in the dairy curriculum, coach the dairy cattle judging team and advise the dairy cattle club. Served as department chair and have managed the college dairy herd.
Appointed in 1981, I serve as the lead professor in the college’s dairy curriculum and program at the State University of New York at Cobleskill. Accomplishments during my tenure at SUNY Cobleskill include:
• Responsible for several curricular revisions and new courses that meet the changing technological needs of our students.
• Served as campus liaison and impetus behind a $5.2 million dollar capital project resulting in a new dairy facility for the college
• Oversaw the management the college dairy herd and supervised the dairy herd manager and other college employees as Farm Management Team Leader for Dairy and Livestock, 1999-2004
• Pioneered a three time a day milking routine for the college herd
• Authored and received a $23,000 grant for energy efficient milking equipment
• Arranged for independent consultants and program review for the college dairy curriculum
• Have taught a wide variety of dairy and agribusiness courses. I have taught 29 different courses during my tenure at Cobleskill; 23 ANSC courses, 4 AGBU courses and 2 BIOL courses. I have offered to teach a new course in the American Civil War. Was asked by social science department to consider teaching HIST 121.
• Coached several regional winning dairy judging teams and first place teams at national competitions. Invited six times to judge dairy cattle with students in Scotland and Luxembourg.
• Animal Science Field Studies – arranged, scheduled and traveled with 15 to 30 students visiting farms and agribusinesses in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Florida, California, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, New England and New York. Focus on understanding agriculture and analyzing practices and policy in a national and international marketplace.
• Coached a dairy products (milk, cheddar cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream and cottage cheese) evaluation team at four national contests. Placed first among all 2 year colleges nationally each time. Placed 6th in the nation in ice cream judging among all colleges and universities.
• Served as an Assistant Men’s basketball coach for four years resulting in a W-L record of 102-29. Teams I helped coach played in three Regional Championship games and two National championship tournaments.
• Served as Animal Science department chair, 1987-1988
• Sabbatical leave 1988-1989 attended Cornell University
• Implemented the Annual Dairy Fashion Sale. Currently the longest tenured college dairy club sponsored sale in the nation. Monies raised support scholarships, the dairy judging team and the Dairy Cattle Club. Well over $100,000 has been transferred to the College Foundation for scholarships in the 32 year history of the sale.
• Served as advisor of the college Dairy Cattle Club for 32 years.
• Conducted a pilot project with Admissions to increase accept us rate of dairy students that were applying for admission to the college. The accept us rate increased from 50% to over 80% in one year through my involvement.
• Served as a volunteer expert Dairy Management Consultant to dairies in Belarus and Ukraine
Invited to speak at an International conference in China

• Served as a private dairy farm consultant
• Served as a dairy management expert to the Vermont State Legislature
• Served as an expert witness in dairy herd management in a court case involving dairy farm negligence.
• Served as a peer review evaluator for the University of Minnesota, Crookston
• Served as an official judge of dairy cattle at many fairs and shows in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Georgia.
• Served as a lifelong learning evaluator for Empire State College
• Served on Faculty Governance Committees of Curriculum, Fiscal Affairs, Promotion and the Equity Task Force. Served and chaired several school and departmental committees as well.
• Served as a member of the campus Intercollegiate Athletic Board
• Member SUNY UCT Alliance Agriculture Committee; chair Dairy sub-committee
• Served as chair and member of many campus search committees
• Guest lecturer SUNY Cobleskill for HIST 122
• Guest lecturer at Cornell University
• Ag Tech Prep 2000 Team Leader
• SUNY Cobleskill Alumni Board faculty rep
• Past member SUNY’s statewide Awards Committee
• UUP local chapter membership chair; served on the State UUP membership committee; department rep

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