Madeline (Mickey) Hilger Reed


Title: Histotechnology Education Coordinator
Department: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Office Location: Wheeler 115
Office Phone: (518) 255-5464
Office Hours:  Posted on office door at WH 115



Areas of Expertise:
Research/Clinical Histologic Technique
Laboratory Quality Assurance
Large and Small Animal Necropsy Technique
Research Toxicology

Courses Taught
Medical Terminology
Microtechniques Laboratory

About Mickey

  • Alumnus of SUNY Cobleskill Histotechnician Program
  • BS in Biology
  • (ASCP) American Society for Clinical Pathology Certification-HT
  • New York State Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Former employment with major pharmaceutical companies as a Research Laboratory Technologist/Research Scientist in the Department of Toxicology
  • Former to present employment as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist in the Department of Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Laboratory Mentor of students enrolled in the SUNY Cobleskill Histotechnician Program
  • Member of the New York State Histotechnological Society
  • Member of the National Society of Histotechnology


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