Plant Science

Cash, R. Christian. - Nursery Production, Greenhouse Production, Landscape Management, Plant Propagation, Arboriculture, Landscape and Forest Plants, Public Gardens, Pest & Disease Issues of Plants

Crosby, George - Irrigation, Hydroponics, Greenhouse Management, Vegetable Production, Developmental Agriculture, Botany

Ellram, Alex R. - Turfgrass Management, Golf Course Management, Advanced Golf Course Management, Integrated Pest Management, Ag Chemicals

Forsyth, Terry A. - Environmental Design I, Plant Propagation, Interior Plantscapes and Maintenance, Herbaceous Plants: Garden Design, Herbaceous Plant Materials, Bonsai

Jiang, Zhongchun - Botany, Intro Golf Course Management, Applied Plant Physiology, Soil and Water Conservation

Marten, Timothy Erwin - Landscape Design, Landscape Estimating, Sustainable Sites, Ecological Design, Landscape Maintenance & Construction, Storm Water Management, Designed & Sustainable Agriculture, Permaculture