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The purpose of this page is to show images of all the miniatures from the Judge Dredd range

JD1 - Judge Dredd & JD2 - Judge Anderson (early release)

These early blisters both included 3 miniatures - Dredd on foot, Dredd & Lawmaster Bike and Anderson on foot, Anderson & Lawmaster Bike. The mounted Dredd appeared in two versions. These early 2 part Lawmaster Bikes had a number of different variant front and rear sections

JD1 - Judge Dredd (later release)

This later JD1 blister included Dredd and the 3 part Lawmaster Bike. The 3 part Lawmaster appeared with two versions of the rear section, essentially the same but the second version has a footrest added'

JD3 - Angel Gang

JD3 - Fatties

There were 5 fatties head variants, and 5 arms with sandwich, grocery bag, bottle, sign and ice-cream cone

JD3 - Muties

JD3 - Perps

There are a few anomalies among these perps, 3 have names in the advertisments which don't match the name on the tab - Lorien Speck/Frank Zit, One Eye Schumaen/Organ Legger and Zuggy Spotz/Crazy Joseph. There is also an unlisted perp with a cane - which I have now seen twice within a sealed blister of perps. Furthermore on the main perps advertisments the 2 perps Perpolito and Jason Basin appear to have the same picture in error. I have included this sculpt as Perpolito and I have left Jason Basin out for now. Whether this anomaly is related to the unlisted/unnamed perp I have yet to ascertain

Interestingly, a Rogue Trader period blister pack, labelled "072520 Pirates" has been sighted. The contents of that blister were not, as would be expected, Pirates from the Rogue Trader range but a mixture of Judge Dredd Perps and a Paranoia figure.

JD4 - Mega-City One Judges

JD5 - Kleggs Alien Mercenaries

JD6 - The Dark Judges - Fear, Fire & Mortis

JD7 - Judge Death with Dredd & Anderson (early release)

JD7 - Judge Death with Dredd & Anderson (later release)

JD8 - Judge Cal & Henchmen

JD10/11 - Rogue Trooper

Along with the advertised miniatures I have included the Souther, which was released among the 1st 40K release as a Ground Combat Trooper. If you look at the 2000AD source material the sculpt is clearly based on the Souther - it was intended for this range but never released within it.

Also shown is the plastic trooper included in the game box.

JD13 - Sky Surfers

JD14 - Strontium Dogs

JD15 - Don Uggie & the Ape Gang

JD16 - Judges on Lawmasters

These are all 2 part Judges and 3 part Lawmaster Bikes, noting that the rear sections of the bike appeared in two versions, with and without footrests.

JD17 - Brit-Cit Judge and Lawmaster Bike